Getting the ideas flowing!

The first two rounds of pitches have been done  – here are some of our jammers on the stage, this is from where it really gets going!

team5     team3


Ideas were amazing, so are the jammers! In only very short period of time they were able to come up with the most inspiring new ideas. This is breath taking! Just trying to keep up with the speed here.

team1   team4

Soon it is time to have some delicious dinner by  Daniel:




It has started! Jamming is on!

Global Sustainability Jam is in full speed here in Turku!



We have almost 30 jammers and Mikko Väätäinen as an experienced Maestro helping the jammers through the weekend together with Tiina Jaatinen, Minna Janhonen and Michael Diedrichs!

The first jamming day has started perfectly and the jammers are loaded with positive, world changing energy!




Stay tuned for the first round of ideas.. It’s going to be epic!



You have just 48 hours to save the world…

If you don’t know what to do this weekend—join us in Turku for the Global Sustainability Jam 2013.

We have prepared a great program and we are going to have our own chef in the house—24 participants have already registered and will meet this Friday late afternoon for the unveiling of the ‘Secret Theme 2013’