Preparations for the upcoming Global Sustainability Jam 2015 are on!

Sustinability Jam Turku (Åbo) 2015 Logo

The hosts are already very excited and setting up the next Sustainability Jam Turku (Åbo) this October 30 – November 1 at Boost Turku Entrepreneurship Society, Lemminkäisenkatu 14-16. Grab your ticket soon: 18 early–birds did already register… it will be an awesome crowd. Stay tuned for this mind–blowing global 48 hours workshop!

Get your ticket now—the registration is open!

We’re done. On time.


What a weekend, what 48 hours… thanks to the amazing Turku Jammers—it has been indeed a wonderful feeling: heroes can save the world, can change, and can be sustainable.

Thank you for your intense participation—thank you, dear Daniel, for your incredible tasteful support of us during those hours of thinking—heartfelt hugs to Tiina, to Minna, to Mikko and Michael… yeah, we will jam soon again… once a Jammer, always a Jammer.


PS. March 2014: The next Global Service Jam will take place on the weekend of the 7th of March, 2014. That’s the 7, 8, 9 of March in most countries. In countries with Thu-Fri-Sat weekends, it will be the 6, 7, 8 of March. For Wed-Thu-Fri weekends, it’s the the 5, 6, 7 of March.

PPS. We will keep you updated! Be on our mailing list… let us know!


3rd Day Of Jamming!

The Jamming has started here at Boost Turku for the third and the same time last day! The Global Sustainability Jam has been FUN, at the best is yet to come: FINAL PRESENTATIONS! \o/



Here’s a pic of the Little Chicken and Jam Host Minna Janhonen, that’s me. Cheerful Sunday Morning, isn’t it? We had some great breakfast from Maulito’s Food Truck yet again! Thanks Daniel for that.


Jammers at the farm – look, they are almost ready with their presentations! Maybe they will start uploading those materials soon? Or else the Big Chicken will be mad!


With happy Sunday thoughts,


Jamming at the Boost Turku!

How does it look around the jamming area? Here you go, some pics around the venue!

  balticsea      flower egreennet     michael jammersbacks


maulito    foodtruck    snack

We had food by excellent Daniel & Food Truck: simple, traditional German food! And he had taken into consideration the vegetarians, too – thank you Daniel for that!

The task for the rest of the evening is to form up teams and pick a theme/idea for continuing tomorrow with. It has been great so far!

Hugs, Minna

Getting the ideas flowing!

The first two rounds of pitches have been done  – here are some of our jammers on the stage, this is from where it really gets going!

team5     team3


Ideas were amazing, so are the jammers! In only very short period of time they were able to come up with the most inspiring new ideas. This is breath taking! Just trying to keep up with the speed here.

team1   team4

Soon it is time to have some delicious dinner by  Daniel: